AntMiner L3+/L3++ 3.9.1

Release 3.9.1

- L3Plus_recovery_instruction_RU_v1.1.pdf Firmware recovery instructions.
- SD Recovery
- SD Card Formatter 5.0.1 Setup.exe SD card formatting software.
- Win32diskimager-1.0.0-install.exe SD recording software.

Attention: The program divides the SD card into sections, hiding the unnecessary. To reset the SD to its original state, use the SD Card Formatter.

SD Card Formatter 5.0.1
  Update AntMiner L3+/L3++ Release 3.9.1   Install SD AntMiner L3+/L3++ Release 3.9.1

Popular modes L3+:

505 Mh/s - 650 watt
580 MH/s - 850 watt
620 MH/s - 1000 watt
700 MH/s - 1200 watt

505 TH/s - 850 watt

  • Release: 3.9.1

    Downloaded: 599

    Date: 01.06.2022

    Size of the firmware: 11.6 Mb

    Size of SD image: 0.0 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 5aeb30b13c2a09f366071b8f5c55e0ab

    Hash Sum of SD image:

      Update download 3.9.1     Install SD download 3.9.1  

    What's new:

    1) Implemented a new tune algorithm.
    2) Fixed a bug with the generation of a large number of HW.
    3) Added signature to protect against viruses.
    4) Significantly accelerated interface on the chips.
    5) Another fii optimization.
    6) Fixed a problem with hotelfia with stratum+tcp. For hotelfing, you can use any pools (we recommend AntPool, ViaBTC) that can set password complexity d=512, d=1024.
    7) Fix remote access problem on kinetics (without VPN directly by DNS name).
    8) Tuner log increased to 50 event lines.
    9) Rejects fixed. Rejects are written in the miner log.
    10) Achieved high firmware stability.
    11) Minimum rejects up to 0.7% (by pool).
    12) Hashrate reaches the pool 100%.
    13) Tuning works 50% faster and more accurately.
    14) You can return from 3.9.1 only from the SD card.

  • Release: 3.9.0

    Downloaded: 526

    Date: 30.11.2021

    Size of the firmware: 10.9 Mb

    Size of SD image: 67.7 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 8615b93f6d8fb1af307d15237e097a6e

    Hash Sum of SD image: a8995f22000378a7c414664d853c9840

      Update download 3.9.0     Install SD download 3.9.0  

    What's new:

    1) Attention, due to the blocking of Chinese pools, we have updated the firmware for S9 \ T9 + \ L3 + everything can be downloaded from
    2) A new tuning algorithm is implemented in the L3 + firmware. Fixed a bug with generating a large amount of HW.
    3) Added a signature to protect against viruses.
    4) You can return from 3.9.0 only from an SD card.

  • Release: 3.8.8

    Downloaded: 2750

    Date: 05.04.2021

    Size of the firmware: 10.9 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: e0bdc26ec5f7b6ff9126e24e529f7190

      Update download 3.8.8  

    What's new:

    1) Fixed fan error at low rpm.
    2) Fixed a bug in the search function "asik on the farm".
    3) Added a hotel fii option (where you can redirect part of the capacity to pay for electricity, equipment placement, or pay for miners' maintenance).
    4) Added the Find Miner function to the multiplier config to search for more miners at once.

Chronology of changes by release.


Installation and configuration in pictures.


You can get acquainted with the advantages of the firmware and the main functions by watching the video:

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