AntMiner S19 Pro A 1.1.12

Release 1.1.12

ATTENTION: Firmware is working only with Antminers S19 Pro A.
- Use SD card to install the firmware (not more than 16gb, FAT 32).
- Download the SD file for your version of S19 Pro A control board (check your version on the white label of the control board cover), unzip and transfer all files to the SD-card.
- Insert the SD card with ASICDIP FIRMWARE and turn on the asic, if you pull out the SD card the BITMAIN firmware will return.
- If you need to update the version of ASICDIP firmware on the SD card which you are already using you need to download the firmware WEB file and use upgrade function in the firmware.
- If during overclock the consumption is higher than 4600 watts, it will be necessary UPGRADE BITMAIN POWER SUPPLY (check manual how to do it).
ATTENTION: see supplement to instructions (Bitmain_APW_12_modifications_ru). What are the control boards. How to solder the power supply.

Bitmain_APW_12_modifications_en Types_control_boards
  Firmware AntMiner S19 Pro A Release 1.1.12   SD Image AntMiner S19 Pro A Release 1.1.12

S19 Pro A 115 TH/s - 3850 watt (33 watt - TH/s)
S19 Pro A 125 TH/s - 4600 watt (37 watt - TH/s)
S19 Pro A 140 TH/s - 6100 watt (43 watt - TH/s)

S19 Pro A 90 TH/s - 3100 watt (34 watt - TH/s)

  • Release: 1.1.12

    Downloaded: 36

    Date: 07.02.2023

    Size of the firmware: 14.4 Mb

    Size of SD image: 14.5 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: c196db21837e70999ae59a915b1547e4

    Hash Sum of SD image: 17f8ab38ecebf7a309439f5b02f54d7f

      Download firmware release: 1.1.12     Download SD image release: 1.1.12  

    What's new:

    1. Support for miners S19 (88), S19j Pro A, S19 XP;
    2. Network failsafe. If the settings are changed and are incorrect, the device will roll back the previous network settings;
    3. MAC addresses viewable from the dashboard;
    4. The ability to return to stock firmware for miners running on our firmware installed on NAND AML and BB control boards;
    5. Ability to set the the startup voltage. (Useful for those running close to max of breakers or Power Distribution Unit);
    6. Widgets are responsive now! 4k? 1080p? 480p? It all looks BEAUTIFUL;
    7. Voltage compensation based on the temperature and performance of the miner;
    8. Voltage checking happens before detecting the chips on the boards (Important for diagnostics if PSU issue or chip issue);
    9. EEPROM support for new miner models (Yes even those weird ones);
    10. Ability to remotely install firmware on AML and BB control boards for large customers. Xilinx - SOON;
    11. General firmware optimization and stability changes added prior to auto-tune release (That’s next);

    1. Work with network settings (DHCP → Static);
    2. Pool Widget;
    3. Board Widget;
    4. Fonts and their adaptability;
    5. Expanded optimized interface mode;
    6. Location of alerts;
    7. Display firmware version Location (Bottom right);

    Bugs fixed:
    1. Fixed an issue that could occur while changing operation of pools by API;
    2. Operation of Reset/IP Report Buttons for AML Control Boards;
    3. Incorrect baud rate setting for 136x chips;
    4. Inability to generate a diagnostic report;
    5. Operating mode of the device without hashboards connected to it;
    6. Firmware error on some BB models;
    7. Issues with graph ranges not always returning to true value fixed;

    Currently supported:
    Antminer S19
    Antminer S19+
    Antminer S19A
    Antminer S19A Pro
    Antminer S19I
    Antminer S19J
    Antminer S19J BB
    Antminer S19J Pro
    Antminer S19 Pro A
    Antminer S19J Pro A BB
    Antminer S19J Pro BB
    Antminer S19 Pro
    Antminer S19(88)
    Antminer T19

    Pre-order v1.1.12
    Antminer S19j Pro aml
    Antminer S19 Pro aml
    Antminer S19j Pro BB aml
    Antminer S19 XP aml

    Telegram Pre-order

  • Release: 1.1.11

    Downloaded: 45

    Date: 01.01.2023

    Size of the firmware: 16.6 Mb

    Size of SD image: 16.7 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 754b0da559f8c18f2713329474b2b719

    Hash Sum of SD image: cf17b6870b98fd9935f70291ad0295b0

      Download firmware release: 1.1.11     Download SD image release: 1.1.11  

    What's new:

    1) Ability to disable interface animation (This will be useful if you use remote desktop applications such as AnyDesk or Teamviewer);
    2) Panel "quick" settings have been added;
    3) More convenient tuning of frequencies for chips and domains (Auto-Tune is being worked on right now);
    4) Fixed interface operation when accessed via https://;
    5) Improved support for mobile devices (Scaling issues resolved as well);
    6) Fixed bugs leading to share rejection and reduced hashrate on the pool;
    7) Antminer S19+ support;
    8) Antminer S19i support;
    9) Support for Antminer S19 (with 88 chips);
    10) Antminer S19 Pro A support;
    11) Antminer S19j Pro A support;
    12) Support for new models of power supplies;
    13) Support for various hash board modifications Bitmain made;
    14) Fixed bugs leading to a restart of the miner;
    15) Improved polling of temperature sensors and chips;
    16) Support for the pause / resume function has been extended to the entire series of firmware;
    17) Currently supported: S19, T19, S19 (88), S19 A, S19i, S19j, S19j BB, S19 Pro, S19a Pro, S19j Pro, S19j Pro BB, S19j Pro A BB, S19+, S19 Pro A

  • Release: 1.1.9

    Downloaded: 157

    Date: 01.06.2022

    Size of the firmware: 15.8 Mb

    Size of SD image: 15.8 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 1a0ab572bc58a6454fbd85329fdacb64

    Hash Sum of SD image: e6b077def7125ff9cc3a0f704a021eb9

      Download firmware release: 1.1.9     Download SD image release: 1.1.9  

    What's new:

    1) modiffied our API a bit.
    2) fixed chip layout in s19Apro and some small UI fixes.
    3) moved “modded psu” switch to “overclocking” page.
    4) restrict profile selection if your’re using stock PSU.
    5) fixed an issue when mining doesn’t return to user pools and hangs.
    6) added support of aftermarket PSU from HMTech.
    7) made “pause” and “resume” cgminer API commands available from local network.

Chronology of changes by release.


Installation and configuration in pictures.


You can get acquainted with the advantages of the firmware and the main functions by watching the video:

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