Innosilicon T2Tz 3.1.9

Release 3.1.9

ATTENTION: The firmware is only suitable for T2Tz. You need to download the file, unpack, read the installation instructions.
Instruction with unlocker T2Тz .
1) Download unlock unlock-t2tz.rar and unpack to computer.
2) There will be a firmwares folder in it, you need to upload the custom firmware file to it, after renaming it to: inno-t2t.tar.gz.
3) Next, open the command line, in the search in Windows, write cmd.
4) ВIn cmd, you need to go to the unlock folder, for example, unlock is on the desktop cd Desktop.
5)Run unlock command: cli-installer-t2tz.exe --ip-address= ( replace with the correct ip address).
6) If you changed the password to, then add the option: -http-pass=newpass

ATTENTION: For those who want to roll back to stock firmware.
1) Download stock firmware inno-t2tz-stock.tar.gz.
2) We click on the lower left corner in the web interface where the version of the current firmware is shown and fill in the stock.

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26 TH/s 1900 watt (73 watt -TH/s)
30 TH/s 2350 watt (78 watt -TH/s)
S26 TH/s 2300 watt (88 watt -TH/s)

  • Release: 3.1.9

    Downloaded: 498

    Date: 16.02.2022

    Size of the firmware: 14.9 Mb

    Hash Sum of the firmware: 952a7eb9a20ab345746ba3c6ea1e120b

      Update download 3.1.9  

    What's new:

    1) General stability, optimization and revision of the main drivers.

Chronology of changes by release.

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